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TraffUp, A Personal Favorite of Mine, is a Phenomenal, Free Tool for Social Marketing. Whether You Need Traffic to your website, likes on your Facebook Page, or just Need Followers, Retweets, and Favorites. TraffUp’s got you Covered, and again it is 100% Free Always unless you want to Buy Points to Promote yourself More. In this article, I will Share with you, my experience with TraffUp and How it Benefited my Twitter and Affiliate Link.




TraffUp will Allow you to Buy Points and Become a Promoted Member for X amount of Days Depending on the Package you Purchase. After a week of the Free Version, I was impressed enough to try going Pro on TraffUp and I purchased their cheapest plan. This plan cost $10 and gives you 2000 Points and 2 Days of Pro Membership, here are my thoughts.

Is it worth Purchasing? Yes and No. I feel like the 2000 points is a crap deal, it wont last long. However the Pro Benefits are Nice. These benefits include Geo-Targeting for your Website, which will also be on the Top of the Website list on TraffUp. You will also be placed at the Top of the Follower, RT, Fav, and Facebook Like Pages, so more people will see you. The best part is that it increases the Daily Limit of Favs, Likes, Follows, and Website views you can accumulate points from, so you can just rake them Points in. Then you just sit back and watch the Traffic Flow.

You have a great site that has helped me by leaps and bounds.

Jim Salvato