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Bar soap has been around longer than liquid. But, it often gets the short end of the stick when compared with its supposedly more glamorous cousin.

One claim against bar soaps is the bacteria factor. Because people sometimes share the same bar of soap, fears concerning the transfer of bacteria have emerged. However, studies have shown that although bacteria levels on previously-used bar soaps are slightly higher than on unused soaps, there have been no detectable levels of bacteria left on the skin’s surface after using the soap.

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We employ minimal and recycled packaging, are energy efficient, and have partnered with Green Circle Salons to erase our carbon footprint. We also recycle your hair clippings for use in the cleanup of hazardous environment spills. Also we encourage you to join us in moving the salon and product industry to a new age. Ask us how we can partner with you for a better world. Our goal was to quantify and compare the environmental impacts of products that could be used for the same application – for example, bar versus liquid soap for hand washing.


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