Restaurant Dishes – Make Your Favorite At Home

Restaurant Dishes

Taste of Home readers are making restaurant-quality meals at home with their versions of takeout and fast food samples. As a result now you can make them, too! Find Thai and Chinese takeout recipes, homemade pizza that beats delivery, Italian restaurant favorites and more.





For many people, seems like cooking is like meditation. Furthermore professional chefs and home cooks alike, view cooking as a way to relax and unwind. Also spending time in the kitchen, working with your hands and focusing all your energy on a methodical recipe can be therapeutic. Maybe you crack open a bottle of wine and dive in for some solo time, or maybe you’re cooking among friends or family. Most of all whatever your style, cooking can be the perfect way to unwind.


Most noteworthy we take relaxation seriously at the The Huffington Post. Unplugging and recharging isn’t only something we value — it’s something we think is imperative for success and happiness. Therefore predictably, we at Huff Post Taste are big fans of the cooking-as-relaxation school, and practice as often as we can. Especially relevant we have our own comfort recipes — bucatini all’Amatriciana, roast chicken, buttermilk ranch dressing and mac & cheese — but we’re curious about other people’s favorites. Hence we’re really curious about what the pros make at home to relax.


Ever Wish You Can Cook Like the Restaurants?

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