Nano Towel – By Water Liberty

Nano Towel, A Revolutionary Piece Of Fabric That Replaces Expensive Paper Towels And Toxic Chemical Cleaners.

  • FIRST OF ALL NANOLON® FIBER IS A PROVEN BREAKTHROUGH CLOTH TECHNOLOGY. It captures liquid, dust, dirt and grime like a magnet. You can use it to clean and dry virtually any surface without paper towels and without toxic chemicals. When it becomes dirty, you just wash it and use it again. This is NOT old, common microfiber cloth. Nanolon® is a new, next generation fiber PROVEN in laboratory testing. To clean as well or better than chemical cleaners and paper towels using only water.


  • USE THE NANO TOWELS® TO CLEAN VIRTUALLY ANYTHING without paper towels and without toxic chemicals. In addition nanolon® is a new, next generation fiber PROVEN in laboratory testing to clean numerous surfaces. As well or better than chemical cleaners and paper towels using only water. Use as kitchen towels, dish towels, bath towels and cleaning wipes.


  • CLEANS WITH ONLY WATER®. NO CHEMICALS AT ALL. In addition the Nano Towel are specially designed to give optimum cleaning with nothing but water, and are so easy to use. Simply spray or wipe the area to be cleaned with water, clean with the Nano Towel and buff dry with the dry side (or use another dry Nano Towel). You will then have a clean surface that is TRULY clean, because it is free of chemical residue. Even tough to clean surfaces like stainless steel and glass come completely clean and streak-free.


Rags and Towels – Hazardous Waste

First of all rags and towels that are contaminated with solvents such as paint thinners, acetone, alcohols, etc. Therefore it must be collected and disposed of as hazardous waste. For situations where the liquid cleaner/solvent component on the rag is unknown. Most of all a material safety data sheet (MSDS) should be reviewed to determine if the component is hazardous.

  • Collection: Most of all rags and towels contaminated with solvents must be stored in a hazardous waste labeled safety non-combustible can.
  • Disposal: Contact a licensed waste vendor for the disposal of contaminated rags.


  • HUGE MONEY SAVINGS. In addition paper towels cost as much as $3 per roll and each name brand cleaning chemical is $4-$5 per bottle. How big of a dent is this putting in your household budget? If you’re like the average American, it runs several hundred dollars a year or more. A one time purchase of the Nano Towel costs a little more up front, but can cut these long term costs from your budget, and allow you to save a significant amount of money over the long term.


  • 100% GUARANTEED WITH 1-YEAR WARRANTY. Finally we guarantee the Nano Towel to work as good as your favorite cleaning soaps/chemicals and replace up to 80% of your paper towel usage, or your money back. No gimmicks and no nonsense. If you aren’t personally 100% convinced that the Nano Towel are the best, safest and most cost effective cleaning method you have ever used…YOU DON’T PAY. Therefore it Comes with an unprecedented 1-YEAR WARRANTY that you can register online. See packaging for details.


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