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Hindi is spoken as a native language throughout northern India and is used as a trade language in much of the rest of the country. As a result it is mutually intelligible with Urdu, and Pakistan’s national language. Although while Urdu uses the Arabic-style script Hindi uses Devanagari script.

India is one of the most exotic tourist locations in the world. Therefore in picturing India, one can imagine the wonders they can behold. The fabulous white-domed Taj Mahal, cups of steaming chai tea, spicy cuisine, and women’s vibrant colored saris. Others include intricate temples, sacred cows, elephant rides, rickshaws and bustling streets will inevitably come to mind. Visitors come to see Delhi’s landmarks, enjoy Goa’s sandy beaches, marvel at Karnataka’s monumental architecture, experience Mumbai’s cosmopolitan nightlife and admire the palaces of Rajasthan.


First of all many technology jobs are currently being outsourced over to India. As a result even if you don’t personally have any plans to move to India, you might find. Yourself dealing with native Hindi-speakers more and more often. Characterized by their highly entertaining musical numbers and elaborate sets. Furthermore bollywood films are a growing phenomenon among foreign audience over the globe in places like the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of Asia and Africa. Finally, knowing Hindi allows you to understand and appreciate theses films more without having to rely on subtitles.




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