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First of all there is a high demand and low supply of Arabic-speakers in the Western world. Relatively few Westerners ever venture to learn Arabic. With the growing importance of the Middle East in international affairs, there is thus an extreme shortage of workers in the West who are versed in Arabic language and culture.

Couple Reasons

1.) Distinguish yourself in the professional world with a high demand language

Given that less than 1 percent of U.S. college students study Arabic—just 32,000 out of 21 million total students—Arabic language skills will separate you from the crowd, no matter your professional field.

As a result in the last 15 years, U.S. government agencies have expressed a much greater need for Arabic speakers to address the complex political, military, and economic questions surrounding U.S. engagement in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Furthermore he government is not the only employer seeking Arabic skills, however. The same trend can be seen in the private and nonprofit sectors as businesses seek to better understand developing markets and organizations due to work across borders to develop institutions. Improving economies, and educate young people. Yet the demand for Arabic-speaking professionals in the U.S. exceeds the supply.

Whether conducting research, negotiating an international agreement, or coordinating with an overseas partner, speaking the language of your counterpart gives you an invaluable advantage.

2.) Gain critical language skills useful in over 20 countries
Languages like Spanish and French allow you to work and travel in dozens of countries around the world, but they are also widely spoken among your peers. Therefore other languages, like Chinese, are in high demand but require spending your career focused on one or two countries. In addition Arabic offers a blend of critical language skills and applicability in over 20 countries with roughly 300 million native speakers. You will develop the skills to live, work, and interact with a more diverse set of countries, allowing you room to shift focus as you progress in your career.

3.) Develop on-the-ground expertise in critically important countries
Few of your peers will gain international experience during their education. Even fewer will experience countries like Jordan, Lebanon, or Morocco—countries where many U.S. organizations have critical interests but lack an understanding of the local context, whether that be infrastructure challenges, different business practices, or complex political relationships.

Knowledge of Arabic paired with an understanding of cultural nuances is more important than ever to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore relationship-building is a key skill in the Arab world. Speaking the language without speaking the culture will put you at a disadvantage.

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