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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief


While federal officials and major drug-makers are scrambling to prevent national shortages of  almost all critical drugs for treating cancer, diabetes and heart disease. As well as medical devices and supplies, that are manufactured at 80 plants in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are the island’s leading exports, and Puerto Rico has become one of the world’s biggest centers for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its factories make 13 of the world’s top-selling brand-name drugs, from Humira, the rheumatoid arthritis treatment, to Xarelto, a blood thinner used to prevent stroke, according to a report released last year.

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Most of all with business of nearly $15 billion a year at stake in Puerto Rico, furthermore drug companies and device makers are confronting a range of obstacles on the island: locating enough diesel fuel for generators to run their factories; helping their employees get to work from areas where roads are damaged and blocked, yet electricity is down and phones don’t work. Companies have taken out radio ads pleading with workers to check in. In conclusion the pharmaceutical and device industries contribute to the employment of nearly 100,000 people on the island, according to trade groups.

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Dogs Lives Matter



Every day, thousands of animal victims suffer from animal cruelty. Yet animal cruelty is defined differently in every state’s laws, but generally includes both abuse. Most animals are tortured and have mutilation. As well as neglect, and being deprived of the most basic needs like food and water. In every state, the law treats animals as property instead of living, sentient beings. As a result that’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund stands for animals as their voice in the courtroom.

Since 1979. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has protected the lives and advanced the interests of animals through the legal system. We have blazed the trail for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals. With cutting-edge lawsuits at the heart of our work, stand with us against animal cruelty.

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