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For those not familiar with the name, the Fleshlight is a male sex toy. One that is intended to represent a human orifice into which you stick your dick. One, that is intended to take the place of your hand when you need something different. It is so named as it has been designed to look like a flashlight (or in British English, a torch), presumably so that it can be casually left lying under the bed without raising suspicions of a teenager’s mum when she’s on the hunt for porn mags.


The Fleshlight™ Launch Powered by Kiiroo is a fully automated male masturbator that connects your Fleshlight™ to the interactive world.

Mount into the Launch and connect to the medium of your choice. There are 2 modes: manual and interactive mode.In manual mode, The Launch is capable of performing up to 180 automated strokes per minute.

WHAT YOU GET:- USB Charging Cable- 1-year warranty- Regular remote updates- Authenticity card- Quick Setup Manual devices are sold separately and are NOT included with the purchase of your own™ Launch. You can purchase your Fleshlight™ in our store.

Tutorial: How to Use a Fleshlight?

When it comes to male sex toys, there are few that are more popular or well known than the fleshlight. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different models to choose from, each one satisfying a different niche market. If it’s your first time using a fleshlight, you may feel lost as to where to begin.

Remove the Plastic Tubing

If you’re using your fleshlight for the first time, you will notice that the manufacturer ships it with a plastic or cardboard tubing inside the inner canal. The goal of this tubing it to keep the canal walls from sticking together during transport. This piece needs to be removed before your first use, or you may hurt yourself. To remove, simply pull out the plastic tubing from the back side of the fleshlight.

Clean and Warm Up Your Fleshlight

After the plastic tubing is removed, you should clean and warm up your fleshlight before use. After all, the the average body temperature is 98 degrees, so it won’t feel natural if you use it cold. The best way to do this is to rinse it with warm to hot tap water in the sink. Once it’s rinsed, submerge the fleshlight in water for a few minutes. Ten minutes typically gets the job done. I’ve foandthat the best way to do this is to stick it in a sink full of hot water, and weigh it down with a cup or heavy object so that it doesn’t float to the top of the water. Remember to NEVER put your fleshlight in the microwave or in boiling water. In most cases, this will destroy your fleshlight unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

PRO TIP: Wedge a cup between the fleshlight and the faucet to hold the fleshlight in place. Place your bottle of lube inside the cup so that it’s also being heated during the process.

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