Faithbox – A Gift For One In Need

First of all faithbox is a Christian company that seeks to help strengthen your faith in God with their devotional and bring joy with their great products from companies that do good. With the purchase of each box, they provide 3 meals for hungry children through a partnership with Rice Bowls. In 2015, they were able to provide over 100k meals for hungry children. Plus, you get a box full of cool stuff in the process. Each box is based on an uplifting theme and includes our daily devotional book, Everyday Faith, plus inspired content and tools to help you end the month more centered in Christ than you began. We also include amazing products and books that have a positive impact on the world!

Furthermore every month receive a Faithbox, our daily devotional Everyday Faith, enriching content, and amazing products from companies that do good. Embrace your faith in a new way! “This box was able to help me stop take a second and give God his time and I need to continue realizing that he is in control and everything will be okay.”

Make an impact with the Faithbox!
Faithbox inspires positive Christian living by helping people grow in their faith journey! This subscription is a wonderfully simple way to build your relationship with Christ. We offer 2 subscriptions: Everyday Faith and Faithbox (for that something extra). We ensure that the companies we partner with for our Faithbox create ethical, eco-friendly products.
  • Our daily devotional that we publish every month, Everyday Faith, will keep you centered in Christ!
  • Everyday Faith: Daily devotional
  • Faithbox: A variety of hand-picked items from Christian companies
  • Items include: faith guides, charity bracelets, booklets, and more
  • Finally every box that you purchase provides three meals to hungry kids via our Rice Bowls partnership!