Cloud App – The Video & Image Sharing Platform

The Cloud App Is Everything You Already Need

What are the advantages the Cloud App?

You used to spend your day on a physical device that was dedicated just to you—your applications, data, and login all contained in a single space. But today, things are moving off the device and into the cloud. First of all the rise of cloud service adoption is making us move to a secure digital work space platform, swapping desktops for internet browsers.


As workers continue to consume more cloud services, IT is evolving toward a secure digital workspace platform. This gives you streamlined insight into how even local apps are secured and presented to users—and gives users a more personalized work experience.

What You Can Expect

“The biggest advantage of using cloud app is…”

Unilateral data sync between different users. This allows the freedom and flexibility of using as a data communication platform. In addition you can find first-hand applications for this feature for various applications that include work collaboration, gaming, information sharing, etc. The cloud hosting is also typically more robust than VPN-based servers. Also, the download speed and push-pull services are important factors that can determine the success rate of your app. Furthermore all these, contributes to creating a highly collaborative ecosystem to the enable the success of your app.


Show what needs to be done using video recordings to save hours

Record your screen to show or explain something. Use your voice to create a walkthrough. Add your face to be more personal.


Explain product features 300% faster with GIFs

In addition you can turn any area of your screen into an animated GIF. GIFs are great for training, documentation, on-boarding, and sales emails.


Give and get quick feedback with annotated images

Finally you can use annotations, lines, arrows, and emoji to get your point across faster. Make your ideas stand out, and explain yourself more clearly.




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