Appportunity – Money Dominating Mobile App


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According to Cisco…

Appportunity  is an intensive, six week curse, where its founder, Patric Chan, will provide you with all the training and information you need to create your own apps, that you can then sell on the App Store for a tidy profit. Whether it’s a game, an app with a specific function, or anything else you might be able to think up. Patric will teach you just how to turn that dream into a moneymaking reality. Anyone can make money from apps if they put their mind to it and learn the proper techniques for doing so, and Appportunity  will teach you all you need to know about this exciting, forward moving sector of the online market.

With a focus on the marketing side of things, Appportunity  allows you an inside look at just how apps are sold, so that you are able to then copy their proven techniques to come up with a product of your very own to sell. Once you’ve learned all there is to know about selling apps online, you’re then free to make as much money as you want- none of your profit goes to Appportunity , you’re just paying for the expert knowledge contained within the course.

 Anyone who has ever dreamed of creating apps, but lacked the technical know how to make that dream a reality. Appportunity course is the ideal solution. Through a six week program, applicants will learn all the ins and outs of app production and marketing, while putting those skills to practical use to come up with an app of their very own.